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Wizard of Oz Elementary Production

Students on stage

We had a wet and rainy June but no one was going to rain on our parade during our Elementary school play. Our dedicated students showcased their incredible talent in a mesmerizing rendition of "The Wizard of Oz." Countless hours of dedication paid off, evident in their exceptional performances, enchanting stage sets, and impeccable costumes. We extend our heartfelt gratitude to the outstanding Elementary teaching team – Ms. Behr, Ms. Grant, and Ms. Kunicki – for nurturing our young stars throughout this journey. Special mention to Mr. Currie for his invaluable contribution to the mesmerizing set designs and Ms. Santhiappillai, whose unwavering support included line rehearsals and costume preparations. Lastly, our immense appreciation goes to Ms. Casselman for her exceptional leadership in orchestrating this magnificent production, weaving every element together into a harmonious masterpiece. It was a fantastic way to bring us all together for a show that exceeded all expectations! This was a show you did not want to miss.