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Early childhood is a critical period of development, which is why choosing the right school for your young child is such an important decision. Educational experiences early in life have the power to prime even very young children for academic success later in life. The Clover School’s Montessori Toddler Program is often a young child’s first experience of life outside of the family. Our loving and joyful classrooms focus on helping to encourage and facilitate skills of functional independence, language development, self expression, socialization and sensory exploration. We support our youngest children in cultivating a healthy sense of confidence and self regulation.

At The Clover School, we understand the importance of social-emotional development and pre-academic learning required for an optimized early childhood education. Our unique toddler Montessori program is designed to meet the developmental needs of young children between the ages of 18 months and 2.5 years and prepare them for the path ahead.

Our toddler classrooms are equipped with developmentally appropriate materials and learning activities that support the child through each stage of toddler growth. The toddler classroom is a place where we “follow the child,” and provide a variety of learning opportunities so toddlers can explore based upon their curiosity and their mobility, not just their age.

Our experienced, highly skilled, loving and supportive toddler teachers warmly welcome children into the classroom community, working in partnership with parents to ease young children into daily life at school. They understand that learning happens not only at school, but at home as well, and are happy to provide tips on how to incorporate Montessori principles and practices into life at home, which will support your young child’s healthy development in the areas of language, independence and self confidence.

Have a sneak peek at one of our beautiful Primary Classrooms.

Areas of Growth:
  • Cognitive development

  • Speech and language development

  • Active, concrete learning using all senses to explore the world

  • Confidence, kindness, grace and courtesy

  • Physical mobility and greater coordination, fierce drive towards independence

  • Self care, practical life skills and independence (ie. dressing oneself, toilet learning)

  • Social skills and cooperation, responsibility, collaboration, manners, compassion

Learning Highlights:
  • Fine and gross motor skills, control and coordination of movement, body awareness

  • Language development and vocabulary enrichment, self expression, early literacy skills

  • Sensorial activities, sorting, classifying, grading, development of early math skills

  • Science, Gardening, Food and Nutrition, Cooking

  • Practical Life, Yoga, Music, Sensorial, Dance, Art

  • Nature based learning and programming

  • Physical Education