The Clover School

The school with.

Montessori at The Clover School

Beginning September 2019, Forest Hill Montessori School will be operating as The Clover School. The same staff and leadership, the same CCMA accredited Montessori programs serving Toddler up to Grade 8, and the same locations. Just a new name to take us into the future.

The decision to change the name of our school was not something we took lightly. Forest Hill Montessori School is beloved by many, including ourselves. Since we opened our doors in 1996, this school has grown and continues to grow in ways we could not have imagined, and so we are changing the name as part of an initiative to look to the future and create a timeless educational experience.

We are so grateful to have a wonderful community of students, parents, alumni, teachers and staff to support us through this exciting next step for our school.

Why Clover?

CLOVER is a unique plant that reflects many of the attributes of our school. It is also a fabled icon of folklore that epitomizes the rare four-leaf clover as a symbol of luck. In relating Clover to the Montessori experience, it shares numerous similarities: Each clover, like each student is distinctive and different. Each clover is compelled to grow upwards towards the sun to achieve its nourishment. If you look closely at the shape of a clover, each of its leaves is distinctly heart-shaped which symbolizes the nurturing, safe and loving environment that our school provides.

The four leaf clover represents our four pillars:


We encourage openness, curiosity, questioning, exploration and fearless discovery.


We model a lifestyle and environment that values courage, compassion, kindness, patience, tolerance, and understanding; towards each other and the world.


We believe in mindful and healthful living that includes smart nutrition, physical exercise and the development of emotionally strong individuals with healthy self-images and respect for their bodies.


We champion connecting to nature through quiet reflection. We encourage meditation, art, music, dance and walks in the woods.

And to top it all off, the driving force behind our school can be found right in the middle of
LOVE is at the centre of everything we do at The Clover School.
That’s Why We Call Ourselves
The school with.