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The Clover School Middle School Program serves adolescents in grade 7 and 8, empowering students to grow in independence and resilience, to thrive academically, and to come into their own with confidence. Our curriculum is designed to prepare these young adults in their final years at The Clover School for the social, emotional, and academic growth that lies ahead in high school and beyond.

Our Integrated Curriculum is both academically rigorous and individualized, allowing our students to continue to build upon personal strengths, follow their passions and interests while supporting and addressing any challenges. Like our elementary schooling, programming at the Middle School level not only adheres to, but far surpasses Ontario’s curricular guidelines while preserving the data-backed, proven practices of Montessori education.

We take full advantage of the vast multitude of resources this great city has to offer to expand upon and enrich our students’ learning opportunities. Exploring Toronto’s vibrant arts community, taking every opportunity to embark on outdoor, nature-based programming, placing a greater emphasis on entrepreneurship in the context of our booming city, engaging in community service and social justice education are just a few of the areas we explore with students.

Our Middle School program warmly supports authentic self-expression within a high expectation environment, fostering a close relationship with peers and adult role models, encouraging community work and social responsibility, developing critical skills and business acumen along the way through encouraging risk-taking and problem-solving.

We are committed to the individual success of each student. We take pride in offering middle school students programing that exceeds provincial standards, giving them an advantage and helping them enter into a variety of competitive secondary school programs. By offering learning experiences that are both challenging and meaningful in an environment that builds on the strengths of this unique developmental period, students are able to cultivate the skills necessary to succeed in our fast paced and changing world.

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Curriculum Focus

Mathematics, Language Arts & Literature, Science & Tech, History and Social Studies, Geography, Arts, French, Physical Education, Outdoor Education, Model Montessori United Nations.

Areas of Growth:
  • Pursuing passions and interests while working through challenges as growing opportunities, building resilience

  • Exploring and coming to terms with integrating different aspects of the self

  • Thriving as individuals through authentic self-expression while interacting and collaborating with others

  • Growing importance of peer relationships

  • Physical and emotional independence, developing awareness of self-identity outside of the family unit

Learning Highlights:
  • Rigorous, challenging and self-paced curriculum across all core subjects prepares students to thrive in high school

  • Financial literacy, entrepreneurship, business and economics

  • Accountability, organizational skills and time management

  • Community service and engagement, social justice

  • Health, wellness, fitness and nutrition

  • Sustainability practices and environmental stewardship

  • Creative and physical expression