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Once again this year, Forest Hill Montessori School will be sponsoring 7 families supported by the Riverdale Housing Action Group. This is an organization whose objective is to provide safe, affordable housing for women and their children with low incomes who are transitioning from community shelters, and they need our support. If your family is interested in supporting this initiative, simply take one of the paper snowflakes hanging at the entrance at both campuses. On the back you will find the name of a mother, grandmother or child and something that they are wishing for this year. Once your shopping is complete, please wrap the gift and attach the snowflake tag to the gift, and bring it to either of our campuses by December 11th, Thank you so much for your help and support.


Should your family be inclined to partake in this meaningful initiative, we cordially invite you to engage by participating in the heartwarming tradition that awaits at the entrances of both our esteemed campuses. There, you will find a delightful assortment of paper snowflakes, gently suspended like glistening stars in the winter sky, each bearing a unique tale of hopes and dreams. Enclosed on the reverse side of these delicate flakes, you shall discover the names of mothers, grandmothers, or cherished children, along with the cherished desires they hold dear for this festive season.

To embark on this compassionate journey, we humbly request that you select one of these ethereal snowflakes, and thus become a beacon of kindness and fulfillment for the dreams and wishes inscribed upon them. As you embark on your shopping adventures to bring these heartfelt dreams to life, we kindly implore you to wrap the carefully chosen gift with the utmost care and affection. To ensure that the warmth of your generosity reaches its intended recipient, please securely attach the snowflake tag to your wrapped gift.

In the spirit of holiday giving, we kindly ask that you present your beautifully wrapped gift, adorned with the snowflake tag, to either of our cherished campuses no later than December 11th. Your benevolent contributions will undoubtedly illuminate the lives of those whose wishes you have chosen to fulfill, and your altruism shall shine brightly as a beacon of hope and support.

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to you for your invaluable assistance and unwavering support in making this initiative a resounding success. Your compassion and dedication to spreading joy and kindness are deeply appreciated, and we are immensely grateful for your participation in this wonderful endeavor.