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What Being A Montessori Mom Means to Me

Photo for Mothers Day 3

For all mothers, happy Mother’s Day. Being a mother is no easy task. Your job is so important. With every “you can do this,'' you empower the next entrepreneur seeking positive change. With every clean t-shirt and healthful meal, you share confidence and nurture strength. And with every hug you foster a more empathetic world. You're shaping the next generation. Thank you for doing so with grace and, on the days when that’s not available, to the best of your ability. You are super humans! 

We know that choosing the place/people to care for your child(ren) is a big decision. Every parent wants the best for their little one(s) and we wondered, what does it mean to be a Montessori Mom? We asked some of the moms at The Clover School what being a Montessori Mom means to them, and here’s what they said. 

“To me, being a Montessori Mom means embracing a gentle, yet empowering approach to parenthood. It's about fostering independence, respect and creativity. It's seeing the world through his eyes, nurturing his curiosity, and creating an environment where he can thrive at his own pace. It's about love, patience, and unwavering support as my son explores, learns and grows.”

         - Ashley L.

“For me, being a Montessori mom is breaking cycles of generational trauma. It nurtures independence and empathy while fostering self-worth, shaping future adults who carry these values. This creates a ripple effect of kindness and empowerment that can change the world.”

         - Joanna

“My husband and I are proud to have our first son in his second year at Clover and looking forward to when his baby brother joins as well. The lessons our first son has learned at school have extended far beyond the classroom. It has enriched him in all aspects of life. He is empowered to be independent and will, on his own, seek out opportunities to learn and grow. It is truly the most magical thing to watch as a parent (even if “I do by myself!” is said dozens of times a day in our home). He is encouraged at school to be curious and inquisitive and we are blown away by his genuine love of learning - a product of the environment created by the teachers and staff he has had the privilege to work with and be taught and guided by.

We think our sweet boys are capable of changing the world one day. We believe that their education at school and the principles and philosophies taken from Maria Montessori’s work, that we have implemented into our home, will set them up for a lifetime of future successes down whatever path they may choose.

It is hard for me to put into words exactly what it means to me to be a Montessori mom because truly it means everything to me to see how much this incredible pedagogy is making my children flourish.”

         - Ashley C.

Mothers, you inspire us each day to continue doing what we’re doing. We see the love, strength and resiliency you instill in your child(ren) and seek to always be an extension of your home. Thank you for all that you do. You are irreplaceable.

Happy Mother's Day ❤️