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Teacher Tuesday: Elm Class

Team Elm Class in their cozy corner.
The fabulous Team Elm Class in their cozy corner.

It’s that time of the week again… Teacher Tuesday! This time, we are giving you a glimpse into our Pre-Primary 1 Classroom, the Elm Class located at our Midtown Junior Campus. Our Elm Class is home to Ms. Shamyla Grose and Ms. Emily Kreisel. These incredible educators are two peas in a pod and this is their fifth year working together. They are a dream team like Batman and Robin, Woody and Buzz Lightyear and Holmes and Watson.

The head teacher in our Elm Class is Ms. Shamyla Grose. Ms. Grose has been with The Clover School for five years. She completed her Infant and Toddler Montessori Teacher Training in 2011 from the Toronto Montessori Institute. During her time here at The Clover School, she has really enjoyed getting to know her fellow co-workers, her students, and their families. She loves the community feel of our school and feels joy coming here each day because of how warm and friendly everyone is!

Ms. Shamyla Grose
The incredible Ms. Shamyla Grose

Her favourite things to do with her Elm Class friends are busting a move during one of their many dance parties, and leading her students through a yoga session. Her creativity shines here at The Clover School where she has run a very popular jewelry making club in the past for our Primary and Elementary students.

When she is not teaching, Ms. Grose loves to read and dance. Some fun facts you may not have known about her are that her favourite food is Jamaican food and she loves corn, her favourite animal is a peacock, and visiting Dubai is at the top of her travel bucket list.

The second half of our Elm Class team is Ms. Emily Kreisel. Our students and families may have previously known her as Ms. Ellis – she was married over the summer and our entire Clover family is thrilled for the happy newlyweds!

Ms. Emily Kreisel
The lovely Ms. Emily Kreisel

Ms. Kreisel has been with the Clover School for 6 years. In her own words, “I love working at The Clover School because it feels like my home away from home.” Ms. Kreisel graduated with a diploma in Early Childhood Education in 2012 and is a registered Early Childhood Educator.

Ms. Kreisel is a huge fan of tacos and brussels sprouts. Her dream vacation is travelling to either Germany or Scotland. Her favourite animal is a cat and she is a proud cat mom to two fur babies of her own – Nova and Loki. During her spare time, she loves reading, baking yummy treats, kayaking and canoeing. She is also a Netflix enthusiast who loves curling up on the couch to watch a good television show or movie with her husband.

Even after all the years working together, Ms. Grose and Ms. Kreisel are continuously growing together and learning from and about one another. They are passionate about building a sense of community in their classroom, and they work each day to develop the bonds and friendships amongst their students. Walking into the Elm classroom feels like joining a family thanks to the warm and welcoming environment that Ms. Grose and Ms. Kriesel have created.

Be sure to check for next week’s Teacher Tuesday! You will get the opportunity to learn a little more about one of our Primary 1 classrooms, the Linden Class, and get to know Ms. Kaya and Ms. Luiza!