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Disconnect to Reconnect: A Screen Time Pledge

In recognition of the benefits of reducing screen time for our entire family, we pledge to do our best to:

  • Track screen time to bring awareness to our family’s usage and set realistic reduction goals that meet our family’s needs like one night a week without screens or a screen time curfew.
  • Use big screens rather than small when possible (tv vs phone) to reduce eye strain and turn off devices not in use.
  • Protect screen free times during the day or spaces in the home where we are all offline together.
  • Reduce screen time when undesirable behaviours arise – for adults this might be stress, anxiety, depression, headaches – for children this might be high reactivity, outbursts, low frustration tolerance, trouble sleeping.
  • Find ‘nutritious’ screen time activities for our child like looking at photos, video calling a distant relative or friend, age appropriate podcast/audio books, HomeGrown’s YouTube channel, a virtual museum or art gallery tour, research the answer to a specific question or a topic of interest.
  • Schedule screen time while sitting together to increase physical touch, manage snacking, ensure adequate breaks, and have the opportunity to discuss the online content together.
  • Set aside time to connect each day doing something we enjoy together like an uninterrupted meal, a favourite game, a walk, baking, gardening, writing a letter to someone, listening to music, reading, colouring, or completing a HomeGrown activity!