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Happy Earth Day: Our Pollinator Garden

Pollinator garden pic 1

Pollinator: an insect or other agent that conveys pollen to a plant and so allows fertilization. Animals and insects are crucial for plant and food crop growth as they carry pollen with them. How cool?! In honour of Earth Day, we wanted to highlight one of our favourite additions to our High Park Campus - our pollinator garden. 

Pollinator gardens are designed to include plants that produce nectar or pollen. The goal being, to attract pollinating insects. Our garden was made and continues to be maintained by the lovely humans at Earth Inc. They are landscaping experts with a great eye for beauty and genuine care for the environment. In addition to providing beautiful curb appeal, the garden serves as a wonderful lesson for our students. As the weather gets warmer, they notice the bees and butterflies return and watch as the pollinating begins! Each year, the garden grows beautiful and wild (taller than some of our students). Your world opens up a bit when you realize that even the smallest of beings can make such a big impact. 

Close up HP flowers

Earth is our home and home to so many others, big and small. We remind our students that every being has a responsibility to care for this home. Even the little bees and butterflies in our garden have a responsibility, helping our plants grow. If we all took part in small, daily acts of kindness towards our planet, imagine the beautiful impact we would have! Happy Earth Day!