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Endless Summer: How to Make The Most of the Simple Things

Today’s world is a busy place, faster than ever before.  It can seem like all of life’s distractions and responsibilities are taking away from the simple joys of childhood. There is no time like the present to neutralize the complexities of life and embrace the simplicities that truly make parenting such a special, amazing, and connected experience.

With the summer coming to an end and the school year fast approaching, what better time to slow down and enjoy the simple things in life? After all, that’s what summer is for!

We’re willing to bet that some of your most cherished childhood memories are more about spending quality time with your family than about the pomp and circumstance of some big family trip. The truth is, what matters most is just being with your kids.

One way to achieve this is by intentionally making time to do nothing together, just play. Plan to do nothing and just hang out. Go ahead, break your schedule and embrace ordinary days. We dare you!

As parents, we strive to make every day exceptional for our kids, but that’s just not how life is. When every moment of a child’s life is scheduled and ends on a high note, they can lose their innate ability to fully engage in the present and regulate their organic learning time. 

One of the goals of The Clover School is to help each child build resilience, tenacity, and grit for both learning and life itself, and help reach their limitless potential through a lifelong journey of learning. Though not always perfect, life is a magical journey that should be wholly embraced.

Life is an adventure. The world through a child’s eyes is refreshing, exciting and full of possibilities.  It is important to lead by example and put aside your electronic devices to encourage your child’s natural adventurous spirit and curiosity and support them having new experiences as they discover their passions, and simply put, have fun. Children are always learning, in school and in life, so intentionally setting aside time for new discoveries is so important to helping them build confidence and resilience, and discover a mindset of interconnectedness to the world around them.

Early childhood is a time of rich and complex growth that is nurtured in a few simple ways. When children interact with other human beings, explore the environment and nature around them and embrace their curiosity, they learn to appreciate, interact, respect and connect with nature. 

This learning is continued at The Clover School where we strongly promote a sense of connectedness to the world around us. We understand that a deep appreciation of the awe-inspiring force of the natural world can lead to transformative experiences that feed the soul. Just as you encourage your child to explore and respect nature, we believe that as each child discovers their passion and their path in life, they also discover that our connectedness to nature and the physical world around us is essential to their well-being and happiness.

So go ahead, disconnect from life’s complexities, embrace simplicity, just ‘be’ with your child and reconnect with the world around you.