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Character Education

At The Clover School, character education is considered an integral part of the Elementary Program – the foundation which was laid during their years in the Casa Program where Grace and Courtesy lessons taught them how to interact with one another in a respectful and courteous manner. Children learn very early the importance of listening, speaking politely, being considerate, helpful and mindful, and contributing to their community. 

The proper balance of freedom and discipline fosters moral traits of respect, independence, responsibility, and self-initiative. As the children progress to the Elementary level and the social dynamics become more complex in scope, continued role-playing, regular classroom meetings, and discussions play key roles in the development of character. Morals and virtues are defined, discussed, and practiced throughout the school year and true stories of heroes and role models throughout history are shared.

The freedom and responsibility children have in Montessori environments create real life opportunities for moral action. At any age and stage, differences between students may arise, providing opportunities to use social skills for understanding one’s self and others. Becoming involved in the larger community in the way of volunteerism and taking an active interest and involvement in social causes that are meaningful to them empower children and teach them that they can make a difference in the world.