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Annual Lil’ Farmers Market

Today our Primary Willow class held their annual Lil’ Farmers Market during drop off at our Elementary Campus.

Each year around this time, the children start to harvest some of the vegetables that they have been taking care of and watching grow in their garden.

A garden is a great way to teach children about responsibility by taking care of seeds and plants. It teaches them how to be patient. In a world where children are often use to instant gratification, gardening is a slow process and children learn to be patient while they watch their seeds and plants grow. It has been a great introduction to the world of science especially botany, biology and chemistry. It has also encouraged the students to eat healthy and take pride in the vegetables they have grown themselves. Most importantly, it has been a great way for the children to bond. Working together, deciding where certain plants should go, taking care of the weeds, and cleaning and preparing the vegetables to eat as a class.

Yesterday, the children worked hard to clean and package their delicious herbs and vegetables to sell.The children sold out quickly of all of their wares which included cilantro, radishes, mixed greens, spinach and pac choi. The Farmers Market raised an amazing $168 dollars through the generosity of our Elementary Campus parents. The funds will go directly to the Primary Willow classes’ seed fund for next years garden. When we come back in September we will be having another Lil’ Farmers Market with more summer vegetables to choose from.

It was so exciting to have parents taste what our Primary hands and hearts have been working so hard on this Spring!