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A Work of Heart: The Clover School's Female Founders, Sandra Bosnar-Dale & Isabelle Kunicki

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In honour of International Women’s Day, we wanted to introduce the two women behind The Clover School - their story and their 28 years of partnership.

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Sandra Bosnar-Dale and Isabelle Kunicki met while pursuing their post graduate AMI Montessori Teacher's Diploma at the Foundation for Montessori Education in 1995. Their shared values and alignment of vision made them not only fast friends but natural partners. Fresh out of school, with big dreams and no money, Sandra and Isabelle embarked on a journey to start their own school. They spent every free second they had creating and distributing handmade flyers and refurbishing materials they found at garage sales, using whatever student loan money they had left to bring their vision to reality. Their hard work led to founding Forest Hill Montessori School in 1996 with eight students, a church basement and a huge leap of faith. It was their resourcefulness, determination and committed partnership that shaped, what is now known as The Clover School - a vibrant community of hundreds of children, parents and committed educators, spread across three beautiful campuses. Understanding the ever evolving world we live in, Sandra and Isabelle are committed to creating a Montessori environment with a heart-centred approach to learning, where students are empowered to reach their fullest potential and follow their dreams.  Screen Shot 2024-03-07 at 11.26.47 AMOver the 28 years of growing this school, Sandra and Isabelle are no strangers to the ups and downs of leading a business while raising their own families. They understand the struggles and rewards of scaling and overcoming the hurdles that come with being female entrepreneurs. Today, they offer a wealth of inspirational knowledge to young entrepreneurs on how to stay the course, even in times of uncertainty, how to stay true to their vision and make meaningful impact in the world. Sandra and Isabelle have always placed a special focus on supporting and mentoring their team and, in the spirit of collaboration, work together to serve the needs of the children and families in their community. Their goal, to share what they've learned as educators and entrepreneurs, empowering the next generation to courageously make the world a better place.