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A Gift Guide With Heart

The holiday season is fast approaching and we wanted to share some of our favourite items with you. Click the image to find out more and don’t forget, our Clover Swag store is only open until Monday, November 20th. All orders placed by then will arrive Friday, December 15th. 


Our Favourites Items: Little Ones Under 2 Years

Object Permanence BoxObject Permanenece Box

This box is great for refining fine motor skills and allowing your child to explore the concept of object permanence. 


Toddler Glover SweatshirtCozy Clover Crewneck

Stay warm and cozy with this sweatshirt. Here for a limited time only!


Play SilksPlay Silks

Play silks are a great open ended toy for all ages. They can be used for dress up, pretend play, and are great for learning and exploring colours. 

Pikler TrianglePikler Triangle

Give your little one lots of opportunities to refine their gross motor skills with one of these triangles. Available in different sizes. 


Our Favourite Items: Little Ones Over 2 Years

Schleich AnimalsSchleich Animals

These realistic animals are great for pretend play and learning more about different types of animals. They can be purchased individually or in sets.


Toddler TShirt Clover T-Shirt

Get a Clover t-shirt in many great colours! Here for a limited time only!



Yoto Mini PlayerYoto Mini Player

This screen free audio player is great for little hands. Purchase popular stories like The Very Hungry Caterpillar  and Winnie the Pooh or make your own on their site.

Toddler Cooking SetToddler Cooking Set 

If there’s one thing toddlers love, it’s getting the chance to help in the kitchen. Kits like these have utensils designed to fit your child’s hands and abilities. Exploring in the kitchen can help toddlers open up to trying new foods and textures too.

Toddler InstrumentsInstruments

These rhythm instruments are a great introduction to following a beat, creating a rhythm, and more. 

Our Favourite Items: Little Ones Over 3 Years

Youth Zip Up HoodieClover Cozy Zip Up Hoodie

Check out our cozy zip up hoodie. With sizes YXS-YXL and 4 colours to choose from, you’re sure to stay cozy this winter.


Marble Run TrackMarble Run Track

Explore cause and effect, build marble races and more. Your child can plan and build out their own marble track and watch the marbles race.


World Map PuzzleWorld Puzzle Map

Puzzles are a great way for children to explore and develop their focus and concentration. We love these large scale puzzles for young children.

Body PuzzleBody Puzzle

Puzzles like this one are a great introduction to the different layers in our bodies, all the way down to the skeleton.


Our Favourite Items: Little Ones Over 6 Years

Magnetic TilesMagnetic Tiles

Magnetic tiles are a great building and design tool for young minds. Build anything your heart desires, knock it down, and build again.

Youth CrewneckCozy Clover Crewneck

Get a cozy hoodie or T-shirt! Lots of colours available.


Science KitScience Kits

These kits are an amazing way for your child to explore over the holidays. Build a volcano, examine crystals, catch a household critter, or build a tin can robot.

ClayArt Supplies 

Having a new project over the holiday break is a great way to bond. Try folding some origami together, or make decorations out of polymer clay. Paint some beautiful landscapes together using water colours. 

LegoClassic Lego

Classics never go out of style. If your child loves to build with lego, offer them this free form box of classic blocks and let their imagination run wild.


Our Favourite: Book Stores

Mabel's Fables



Moonbeam Books