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6 of Our Favourite Spring Activities

Spring is here and we have been embracing the warmer days and spots of sunshine already! Here are six of our favourite springtime activities that you can do with your child(ren) to get outdoors and invite spring indoors. 


1. Flower Arranging

Spring Blog Post Photo 4

Flower arranging is a favourite Montessori practical life material among children toddler to casa age and it’s especially wonderful in the springtime. Collect flowers while on a walk or purchase a bunch next time you’re at the store. Pick the perfect vase, fill with water and begin! Model the safest way to cut the flower’s stems as you do so together. Then allow your child(ren) to create their own beautiful bouquet bringing the fresh spring outdoors, in.


2. Craft a Bird Feeder

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One of our favourite parts about springtime is the return of many bird species. Our students love bird watching both on our community walks and from indoors. A fun craft you can do together with your child(ren) is to build a bird feeder with materials you may already have at home. You can hang it in your yard or place next to a window and watch all of the beautiful birds enjoy! Continue the fun by giving your child(ren) the responsibility of taking care of the birds, filling their bird feeder when the seed gets low. 


3. Gardening

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The spring months are some of the best months for gardening. At Clover our students, of all ages, look forward to gardening class with our Urban Gardening Specialist each week, all year round. It’s an opportunity for them to get their hands dirty and connect with nature. Freshen your garden beds at home with your child(ren) by planting some spring plants and flowers. Tulips are easy flowers to plant and a wonderful way to bring colour to your garden. Once planted, you can continue to take care of the garden together and watch as everything you've planted blooms. 


4. Spring Scavenger Hunt

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Scavenger hunts are great for getting outdoors, observing nature and learning about the changing seasons. They’re, also, pretty simple to arrange. Plan to go for a walk to a park or nearby conservation area and create a list of items that your child needs to collect or observe along the way (i.e a clover, a robin, a budding tree, a beautiful rock, etc.). We often collect nature on our community walks with our students throughout the school year and it's so much fun! 


5. Make Art with Nature

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Get outside and collect all of the wonderful things you find (i.e flowers, leaves, rocks, etc.) and turn them into pieces of art. There are so many fun crafts you and your child(ren) can make together using nature like these beautiful flower petal suncatchers.  Another idea is to make your collected rocks/pebbles your canvas, painting them with lovely designs to brighten up your outdoor spaces. 


6. Spring Cleaning & Donating

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Spring is the perfect time for a fresh start and if you haven’t planned on spring cleaning, we think it’s an amazing opportunity to teach your child grace, courtesy and respect for their environments and for others. With your child(ren) go through your spaces and sort the clothes, toys, household items, etc. that no longer serve you. Spring cleaning allows your child to practice folding and sorting and provides them with a sense of pride in participating in the household. Once everything is sorted and your spaces are clean, bring your donations to a local thrift store so others can continue to enjoy and make use of your loved items. Your child will leave with a better understanding of the importance of paying it forward and will find joy and fulfillment in doing so!