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20th Anniversary Event

We extend our heartfelt appreciation to all those who graced us with their presence at the 20th Anniversary event of Forest Hill Montessori School, which took place this past Thursday evening. This momentous occasion allowed us to bask in the joy of commemorating two decades of educational excellence, and we were particularly thrilled to share it with an extensive gathering of the school's current and former families. Furthermore, our co-founders, the esteemed Sandra Bosnar-Dale and Isabelle Kunicki, derived immense joy from partaking in this celebration, surrounded by their own families, cherished friends, and dedicated staff members.

A special commendation is also in order for the diligent efforts of the school's Parent Association, who orchestrated the splendid silent auction that contributed significantly to the event's resounding success. The generosity displayed by our gracious donors and enthusiastic bidders further enhanced the evening, transforming it into an enchanting and memorable experience that will be etched in our hearts.

We must reiterate that it was, indeed, a magical evening, made possible by the collective spirit of our wonderful community. Once again, our sincerest gratitude goes out to each and every one of you who played a part in making this milestone celebration an unforgettable triumph. What a magical evening!