Our Partners.

The Canadian Council of Montessori Administrators (CCMA)

The Clover School is a fully accredited CCMA school, meeting and exceeding the high standards of excellence in Montessori education across all program and age levels.

As the Montessori name is in the public domain, the only way that parents can rest assured knowing that they are choosing an authentic Montessori school for their child is to select a school that has gone through the very rigorous and thorough CCMA accreditation process and is committed to adhering to best practices in Montessori education and methodology.

The Canadian Council of Montessori Administrators (CCMA) is Canada’s internationally recognized accreditation council that works to provide oversight, accountability and regulatory measures of Montessori educational standards in Canada.

The Ontario Federation of Independent Schools (OFIS)

We are a member school of the Ontario Federation of Independent Schools. OFIS provides visible, standard-setting leadership to member independent schools that promotes excellence, justice, choice, and equal opportunity in education for all children.

The Federation works to connect independent schools in a network that shares resources, provides professional development for school leaders, offers administrative and policy support, to advocate for access to government education resources making them available to independent schools, to protect and support true parental choice in education by providing public information and ensuring independent schools’ right to reasonable self-definition, and to encourage greater public awareness and appreciation for independent schools’ contributions to the provincial educational landscape.


A feature of our Mindfulness program to support children’s mental health and raise the next generation of leaders to be in control of their greatest superpower – their minds. We partner with Goldminds to bring mindfulness strategies to children from a young age to equip them with the tools they need to regulate big emotions, build resilience and improve self-confidence.

The Edible Lab

In conjunction with our Urban Farming program, The Edible Lab is a hands on gardening education program that enables children to explore nature and STEM concepts while connecting them with their food, each other and nature.

Each Clover School is equipped with an Edible Lab managed and maintained by students under the guidance of our resident Urban Farmer, who is also a full time staff member.

Real Food for Real Kids

Parents of Primary and Elementary students have the option of taking part in our Real Food for Real Kids Lunch Program. Designed to inspire healthy and delicious food choices, Real Food for Real Kids delivers to our school daily. Their mission: enabling and inspiring healthy eating. Individual diets and food allergies are happily accommodated.

Parents who prefer to send a lunch to school with their child each day are more than welcome to do so.