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Teacher Tuesday: Red and White Cedar


Our Lower Elementary Team

It’s everyone’s favourite day of the week again…Taco Tuesday! We are just kidding – even better than that, it is Teacher Tuesday! This week, we will be exploring the wonderful world of our Lower Elementary Program! We will be getting a glimpse into our Red and White Cedar Classes, which are located at our Midtown Elementary Campus. These classes are home to two outstanding educators – Ms. Beth Roschman and Ms. Marissa Behr. We are so excited for you to learn more about our Cedar classes!

The amazing Ms. Beth Roschman

Our White Cedar head teacher is Ms. Beth Roschman. This is Ms. Beth’s second year with The Clover School. She loves working at our school because of her incredible class and fabulous team members. She is incredibly devoted to her students and thrives working in such a collaborative environment. Ms. Beth has a Bachelor of Art from the University Toronto with a major in Sociology and a specialization in English and obtained her Lower Elementary Teaching Certification from Montessori Teacher’s College. 

When she is not hard at work teaching her beloved Cedar students, Ms. Beth loves to spend time with her husband and their two wonderful daughters, Erika and Emily. Both of her daughters attend school at the University of Toronto – just like their mom! Her family also has two cherished pet cats. One of her family’s biggest passions is travel. They love to explore and adventure together. They particularly love to go to Europe where they can visit archaeological sites and museums. Her family lived in Japan in 2008 and 2009 and they are eager to take a trip back there as soon as they can! 

Ms. Beth’s favourite food is tofu tacos, she is passionate about debate and enjoys playing the piano whenever she has the opportunity. Her favourite movies are the The Lord of The Rings Trilogy and her favourite television show is Star Trek. A very fun fact about Ms. Beth is that she loves Yoshinkan Aikido. Aikido is one of the martial arts, which originated in Japan. The Yoshinkan style is currently the second largest aikido organization worldwide. When her family lived in Japan, she was actually able to train at the Yoshinkan headquarters. 

There is always something new and exciting going on in the White Cedar classroom! The Cedar students love working with the geography materials, especially the pin maps! Math is another favourite subject. Ms. Beth has said that many of her students are eagerly learning multiplication on the checkerboard. There is so much creativity in that classroom – the Cedar children adore working on different projects! Currently, the class is learning about the Timeline of Life. In the words of Ms. Beth “this will no doubt spark their interest in many research projects!”. They will end the term off on a high note with a party on the last day of school before winter break – it will be a festive event filled with games, crafts, and holiday cheer! 

The incredible Ms. Marissa Behr

Our Red Cedar head teacher is Ms. Marissa Behr. This is Ms. Behr’s fourth year with the Clover School and she enjoys coming to work each day to be with her students and colleagues. She loves her amazing Red Cedar class and the incredible Clover community. Ms. Behr is attentive, caring, and is committed to the success and growth of all her students. 

The Clover School is a family affair for Ms. Behr as both her children, Tavo and Celeste, attend our school and her twin sister Megan (the other Ms. Behr, as some students affectionately refer to her) works as a Primary teacher at our Midtown Junior Campus. Ms. Behr has a degree in Psychology from the University of Western Ontario and obtained her Montessori Elementary Diploma from the Toronto Montessori Institute. 
 In her free time, Ms. Behr loves to spend time with her husband, children, and sisters. She loves board games – so much so that she has even run a board game club for our students in the past! She enjoys playing and watching sports, especially soccer and basketball. She also loves curling up to read a book or watch a movie. Ms. Behr is a foodie who loves to sample and eat a variety of International dishes. Her favourites are Japanese and Korean cuisines. An interesting fact about Ms. Behr is that she grew up on a hobby farm with horses, donkeys, dogs, cats, and ducks!

The students in Red Cedar are always busy as bees hard at work in their classroom! The Red Cedar class loves to work on projects – the students find it fascinating to research animals, places, and people from all over the world! Outdoor Education is another favourite activity and the children enjoy making shelters and playing nature games. There is a buzz of excitement in the classroom for the upcoming winter break. In the days leading up to the end of term, the students are excited to learn about different holidays that are celebrated during this time of year and to get into the holiday spirit with a day full of festivities on the last day of school! 

Thank you for joining us on our virtual visit into our Lower Elementary Classes, Red and White Cedar. Next week, we will explore two other Midtown Elementary Campus classes – our Upper Elementary, Sequoia Class, and our Middle School classroom, The Grove! Be sure to check back to learn more about all the hard work those students are doing and to get to know the incredible teachers in those classes – Ms. Irene Mihelic and Ms. Rosalind Hung!