COVID-19 Advisory

In the event a Clover School student or staff member has a confirmed diagnosis of COVID-19, the information will be posted here. Identification of the student or employee will not be shared. You will also be advised of any closures of classes, cohorts or campuses.

  • Confirmed Cases: 1
  • Active Cases: 0
  • Recovered: 1

Campus(es) with active cases: N/A

FAQs – What You Need To Know

Knowing what to expect as we move through the protocols required to keep your children safe has prompted us to create a FAQ section with particular information on our COVID-19 response.

Is the school offering in-person learning for the 2021 – 2022 school year?

As of September 7 2021, we will be offering in-person learning to all students enrolled in all levels at the school. We have staggered arrival and dismissal times per class to minimize interaction between families and students.

  • How many students will be in each classroom?

    We are a small school community and offer a carefully controlled environment with no more than only 115 children per campus at full capacity. Our class sizes vary across levels & ages, depending on classroom sizes, to allow for physical distancing within classrooms. We are starting the school year with a reduced capacity in each room and will continue to monitor throughout the year. Students will be grouped into limited cohorts of their own classrooms and will not intermingle.

  • What health and safety measures are being implemented by the school to ensure the safety of students and staff for when in-person learning resumes?

    We are consistently monitoring announcements and updates from the Ministry of Education and Toronto Public health and are confident in our plans to keep our community healthy. Prior to the start of school, all staff have received additional relevant training. Features of our covid-19 health and safety plan include; daily screening upon entry at 4 different screening areas with staggered start times per class to avoid crowding, only students and staff are permitted to enter the school; no visitors, hand hygiene will be demonstrated frequently, with many (monitored) Hand Hygiene Breaks woven into each day for all staff and students. All of our staff, as well as our students in Grade 1 and up will be required to wear face masks throughout the day while indoors. There will also be enhanced cleaning, sanitizing and disinfection of high touch surfaces throughout the school and of materials and activities within the classrooms at least twice daily. Please refer to our COVID-19 Health & Safety Procedures Guidance Sheet for more details.

  • Will the school be practicing physical distancing?

    Physical distancing will be encouraged in classrooms, on the playground and in common areas through scheduling and the use of markers and directional arrows, along with regular discussion, modelling and monitoring.

  • What will a school day look like in the return to "new normal"?

    We are committed to providing a warm, welcoming, and positive environment that will be as normal as possible for our students, while following the guidelines set out by public health officials to ensure the health of our entire school community. Please read through our Welcome Back to The Clover School!  blog post for more details on what to expect, as well as resources for preparing your child to return to school.

  • Will children be able to use materials? What kind of changes will be made in the classrooms?

    Core areas of the Montessori curriculum remain and students have access to materials, limited to one student at a time. Materials and activities that cannot be readily disinfected have been removed from the classrooms. Students will be required to bring their own basic school supplies (which we have sourced), and supplies will be left at school and stored in their cubbies. Many of our classrooms have been reconfigured with additional tables to allow for appropriate spacing between students while they are learning.

  • Will the children spend more time outside?

    Absolutely. Teachers will be taking children outside regularly throughout the day, as well as conducting outdoor lessons in fresh air classrooms whenever possible. In addition, our Primary and Elementary students will enjoy an enhanced Outdoor Education program with weekly structured learning time outdoors in beautiful Earl Bales park with a dedicated teacher, where they can reconnect with nature and reap the benefits of spending time outdoors.